Welcome to Silver Tap

Silver Tap is an online media company that focuses on customer acquisition, e-commerce, and lead generation. We are the bridge that connects your product or service with the end user.

Our executive team consists of experienced marketing professionals with a strong track record in a diverse range of industries including online media, direct marketing, call centers, ecommerce, and finance. Our team synergistically integrates sophisticated marketing tools and technologies with dynamic website designs to create a premium user experience.

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What We Do

Silver Tap specializes in connecting service product companies with high quality leads. We believe that both quality AND quantity can be achieved through our focused channels. Our Marketing channels include:

Search Engine Optimization & Paid Search

We can evaluate your site structure, page meta-data, keyword density, content, and other factors crucial to SEO success. We map out the tasks and work with you to get necessary changes to your site implemented. We perform keyword research to ensure a cost-effective approach to bringing business to your door.

Email Marketing

Silver Tap LLC can help you build a customized email marketing solution to grow your business. Our strategy team will help you build a long-term email marketing plan, optimize your results, and reach a larger audience.

List Monetization

Our goal is to maximize the value of your data. We can help screen data for accuracy, identify quality trends based on originating data sources, and previous history. We manage our processes internally to ensure quality and utilize our own internal call center.

Phone Verified Leads

Validated data is essential. Our goal is to ensure that you receiving the right type of people at the right time. We help you find the people who have shown the intent and ability to make a purchase decision within a reasonable timeframe.

Display and Contextual Media Buys

Our marketing recommendations are based on research and insights. We analyze data in real-time to find the right people and predict their response to your marketing message. We can help discover new target audiences, as well as grow interest in existing ones.

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